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          Sport-Vibrations® Ulla & Wolfgang Svoboda oHG

Sport Vibration is official Europe distributor for Tami Inflatable Dogboxes.
                               Founded in 2011 by Ulla & Wolfgang Svoboda.

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The safety of our dogs during car trips is very important to us. After a long search for a car dog box, which for the first time offers a kind of "airbag function" for the dogs, we are pleased to offer the world novelty "Tami - Inflatable Dogbox with Airbag function" here in the shop. In addition to the maximum impact safety for dogs in car rides, the Tami Inflatable Dogboxes have the advantage of occupying absolutely no space in the trunk by simply venting the air out of the box. All highlights of the "Tami Inflatable Dogboxes" here in the shop!

Sport Vibrations wishes you a lot of shopping pleasure

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