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The safety of our dogs during car trips is very important to us. After a long search for a car dog box, which for the first time offers a kind of "airbag function" for the dogs, we are pleased to offer the world novelty "Tami - Inflatable Dogbox with Airbag function" here in the shop. In addition to the maximum impact safety for dogs in car rides, the Tami Inflatable Dogboxes have the advantage of occupying absolutely no space in the trunk by simply venting the air out of the box.

While usual metal boxes weigh between 20 and 30 kg, the Tami dog box weighs just 6 kg in a medium size, can be folded into a small package, especially good to carry and easy to store. So the problem of housing is a thing of the past. The box remains folded, for example, in the trunk, where they only have a height of max. 20 cm. The flexible outer shell of the Tami dog box can not damage the interior of the vehicle. Inflating with a handy foot pump takes only about 20 seconds for size M. The entire box is water-repellent inside and outside and completely washable.

All models of the "Tami Inflatable Dogboxes" here in the shop!

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Known from the TV show
"The thing of the year"

Ernstfried Prade (inventor of the TAMI-Dogbox), as well as the border collie bitch TAMI
(Namesake of the TAMI-Dogbox) have participated this year in the TV show "The Thing of the Year".

Click here for the video of the gig:

TAMI Air comfort floor cushioning

All TAMI Dogboxes are equipped with a particularly comfortable 'Air comfort floor cushioning'.

A sturdy, inflatable floor ensures perfect cushioning and pleasant compensation of every bump in the vehicle. In contrast to the damping / suspension of the car seats, which is "normal" for vehicle occupants, dog boxes in the trunk are usually on a hard, unsprung boot floor in the vehicle.

The TAMI Dogboxes guarantee with the "Air comfort floor cushioning" an absolutely comfortable transport of your dog. Especially for older dogs with hip injuries or similar, the TAMI Air comfort floor cushioning offers a considerable relief, and offers a maximum of pleasant transport, especially for bumps such as potholes, bumps and off-road rides. The "Air comfort floor cushioning" is automatically activated with the inflation of the TAMI Dogbox.

HOT! The TAMI dog box passed the crash test with flying colors!

Here is the latest crash test video

Every dog owner in Germany is required by law to stow his dog in the vehicle and to ensure that it does not fly through the vehicle in case of emergency braking or sudden evasive movement. How this happens is up to every dog owner. The majority of the usual transport boxes on the market reliably secure the dog so that in the event of an accident is not a dangerous projectile.

Rarely mentioned is usually the possible risk of injury of the dog! Our approach with the inflatable TAMI dog box was that we protect not only the people in the car, but above all the dog. Click to watch Crashtest-Video

Find the "right" TAMI box size

So that your dog feels comfortable in the box and is completely protected, determine its size in order to choose the right dog box. In any case, your dog should lie comfortably and be able to turn around.

To get a quick impression of the available lying area in the TAMI Box, Just lay out a blanket the size of the inside dimensions of the respective TAMI box on the floor at home and let your dog lay on it.

The recommended interior height of the TAMI box should be equal to or greater than the height at the withers of your dog.

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